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Audiobook Narration

From her home studio in Newark, Delaware, Jillian Yetter has narrated over 80 audiobooks. She is a former English Teacher with a love of literature and a talent for bringing stories to life. Her bright, youthful voice is well-suited for many genres but she specializes in Young Adult, Middle Grade, Fantasy, Romantic Comedy, Literary Fiction, and Cozy Mystery. She is passionate about literature directed toward adolescent audiences and loves to narrate books that she could recommend to her own students. 

Narration Voice Samples

"Jillian Yetter adds a little bit of sparkle to everything she does..."


"sounds like Mila Kunis but smoother: velvety, melodic, and expressive."

Audible Listener

"I would forget for long periods of time that it was only Jillian Yetter narrating. I got lost in the words."

Audible Listener

"Jillian Yetter has excellent pacing, humor, and distinctive character voices."

Audible Listener

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