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Hello, Authors!


Bringing Your Book Baby to Life!

Warm, Bright, Youthful, & Feminine Voice

Hello! Thank you for your interest in learning more about collaborating with me on an audiobook production.  My job as a narrator is to bring your book baby to life and make the process as seamless as possible. With over 100 audiobooks produced in the past 4.5 years, I am comfortable with the entire process of audiobook production and hope to make you equally as comfortable. I love my job, and I am honored that you are considering working with me. I hope that you will take the time to complete the “Audiobook Inquiry” form to provide information about your book project. Upon receiving your form, I will send you a pricing sheet, timeline, and general audiobook production information.

I aim to make each audiobook production a personalized experience for the author. I understand the hard work and energy authors put into their story, and I work to match that energy in my performance. While prepping for each production, I do a careful character analysis to dive deep into their motivations and personalities. As a result, I am able to hear their distinct tone of voice while I am reading. While my unique voice is suitable for a variety of character ages and perspectives, I specialize in Young Adult to New Adult characters (teen-twenties). My voice has been described as feminine and youthful. I am capable of performing seamless dialogue between multiple characters with a distinguishable tone to encompass the personality of each speaker. In working with my authors, I pride myself in my interpersonal skills in connecting with authors to cater to their vision of their dream audio production. I make the story come to life through emotive reading, dramatic pacing, and an arsenal of unique character voices. Listeners have commented that the immersive experience of listening to my audiobooks allows them to forget that they are listening to a single speaker. With each audio file, I use my technical skills and quality equipment to master every aspect of audiobook production down to the smallest technical specifications. All audio files are edited and mastered to meet market requirements of all major audiobook distributors (including Amazon and Audible). In post-production, I use my marketing skills to connect with my audience and promote the book in collaboration with my authors. 

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