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From the Classroom to the Booth

Warm, Bright, Youthful, & Feminine Voice

I have been bringing written words to life for nearly fifteen years now, though my background is not in theatrical performance but in education. I spent ten years as a high school teacher, keeping classrooms of restless teenagers engaged through character voices, emotive pacing, and engaging narrative. I had to leave the classroom on disability in 2019 due to a condition called Migraine with MUMs, which causes stroke-like symptoms. After leaving the classroom, I found a way to re-ignite my love of literature through Audiobook Narration. I have found a true love of this industry and the way that I am able to share stories with the world while promoting accessibility of literature to a wider audience of readers. In the past 5 years as an Audiobook Narrator, I have voiced over 100 titles. 

I have a bright, youthful voice, and engaging and energetic narration style. I love books marketed toward youthful audiences, so I specialize in Young Adult, Children’s, Middle Grade, Cozy Mystery, RomCom, and Literary Fiction. I absolutely love books that teachers can recommend in their classrooms! I do narrate more explicit Romance content under a pseudonym. Please contact me to inquire about this type of narration. 

I am strong with character voices and developing a multi-dimensional character for any age or gender. I have been complimented many times on my masc-presenting character voices. When I am narrating, I become fully-immersed in the story and don't hold back. I have been told that I respond very well to stage direction and would love to work with Directors on future titles. I am extremely thorough in my prep for a title as my experience as an English teacher lends itself to strong character and textual analysis. 

In my free time, I bake macarons, do yoga, and enjoy camping with my husband (high school sweetheart!) and two children. I am on permanent disability from my career in teaching, and am a strong advocate for invisible illnesses. I am also neurodivergent and have ADHD. 

I am personable and absolutely love working with new people. I reserve space in my schedule every month for Publisher work, and I am available for individual contracts or series-work. I have a custom-built studio in my home and record on a Neumann TLM 102 in Studio One using Punch and Roll. I am active on Tiktok and often record books LIVE (author/publisher permitting). 

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