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My Story

I spent 10 years as a high school English Teacher. For anyone who has attempted to interact with teenagers or, even more difficult, keep them engaged you know that this can be a daunting task. One of the most beneficial strategies was to bring the books to life through character voices, dramatic tone, and emotive storytelling. Performing the story helped the words jump off the page and come to life for a generation of bored Netflix-bingers and TikTok-creators. I also worked as a voice and performance coach for students after school in preparation for speeches and an oral recitation competition called Poetry Out Loud. 


In 2019, I was faced with the difficult decision to leave the classroom due to illness. In an effort to satiate my love of literature and my connection to books, I turned to listening to audiobooks. As my health began to improve, I continued to appreciate the accessibility of this medium; I listened while I was cooking, folding laundry, driving, taking a run, while watching Paw Patrol with my kids, anything to stay connected to the literary world. When my health became stable, I sought a career option that would allow me to share my joy of literature with the world . It was then that I began my journey into audiobook narration. 


As an Audiobook Narrator, my goal is to breathe life into a story through a performance that lifts the characters off the page and builds a world around the listener. As a former English Teacher, I grasp the nuance of written-word and carry each piece as I transform it into spoken-word. I want nothing more than to nurture each author’s book-baby and bring it to life with my performance . I always told my students that my dream job was to be a “book on tape lady,” but I never imagined that my dream would become my reality.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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